Takamine Jumbo Cutaway

The Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric GuitarĀ  that I just ordered online will arrive well before I need to get it ready for shipping out to my nephew in Arizona. This will be first summer that he will be spending in their new home, so many thousands of miles away from the rest of the family that has a traditional Memorial Day Weekend gathering. I want to wrap it up nicely and ship it to him as soon as possible as to avoid having to rush at the last minute, as I usually do. It’s a good thing that this company doesn’t charge me the shipping and handling costs to get it here to me.

A nice looking piece of work, wouldn’t you say.

natural flame maple

Takamine GJ72CE-12 G Series Jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Upcoming Renaissance Festival

Many years ago when my son was somewhere around 10-12 years old, one of his brainy friends invited him to go with his family to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I had never heard of it and thought it sounded a little too intellectual and boring for the kids, but he said it was to do with kings and knights and jousting, which fit right into his interests of Dungeons and Dragons back then. I let him go and he came back thrilled about the event. It’s an annual things, and the next year he pestered me for weeks about going, so the whole family went and we were amazed – it was fantastic fun. Now we go every year.

A lot of the hardcore fans make or buy costumes to attend their local Renaissance Festivals, and I think after 20 years of going to different ones that we might possibly maybe be classified as hard core fans by now. So this year I’m thinking we should try to go in costumes. I have said for years that I would love to make our costumes, but I have to admit that it would be more prudent to buy them. I found a great site on the internet that sells Halloween Costume but also has a nice selection of other types of costumes, including Renaissance era costumes for men and women.

Old Picture Frames

There was a box in the garage filled with old picture frames. So I took them out and removed all the old photos, scanned the photos and was going to throw out the old frames. I don’t like to waste things like all those frames, but what else can you do with them? They don’t match each other and the wood color doesn’t go with my current furniture.

Then, I saw a little bit on the Nate Berkus show where he bought one can of spray paint and he painted all his old picture frames the same color. Then he hung them all on the wall as a montage. The cool thing is that the color can be anything you like and then they DO all match. It is a simple, fast project and looks great when you are finished. Great idea, Nate!

Knock Knock – Who’s There?

With the company downsizing, finding someone to cover the front desk while the receptionist goes to lunch or, worse, is out for a day is getting to be a real hassle. Everyone is busy and no one wants to site up front and twiddle their fingers for an hour while their inbox grows bigger back at their own desk.

I had an idea that we could put wireless security cameras on the entrance door and the back door, and then they could be monitored by someone from their own desk. The person covering would only have to leave their desk when someone actually comes in. A door announcer/chime doesn’t let you know who is coming in – if it is an employee or regular vendor, we wouldn’t have to get up. Just for clients and visitors that need assistance.

Going to run this by the COO and see what he thinks. If he looks at this website I came across, IT Planet, he should be as impressed as I am, with both the idea and the website. He can shop for the tech item, like a security camera, and easily read up on the specifications of each device before making a decision on which one to get. Or I can do it for him.

Hoops and YoYo

Have you seen these critters? They are soooooo CUTE!!!!

A friend of mine in Phoenix had some of their stuff on her bookcase in her office and I knew right away I would be a fan. The Hallmark cards website has free e-cards and Hoops and YoYo things like mugs and tee shirts that you can order. But I learned tonight that the local Hallmark stores will be carrying some of their stuff, too. Great news! I LOVE these guys!!!

way funny

Hoops and YoYo!