Fire Cleanup

Don’t you just love a Facebook post that says something dramatic and then the person who wrote it doesn’t post again for another day or so? My girlfriend, Jodi, posted yesterday that her son, Tyler, almost burned the house down and they are standing outside in the front yard waiting for the smoke to clear. And then nothing else posted since then! I wanted to tell her about fire damage restoration companies in her area and how they can help with the smoke damage or fire damage.

One of the worst things about a house that caught on fire is the smell of burnt plastics and burnt building materials that lingers in the air and chokes you for days afterward. She is going to need fire odor removal people to come help get that awful smell out.

I know she can get online and search for fire damage services in the area to get help. I hope the fire was not serious and that she does not have to stay in a hotel for several days while they clean it up.

Schecter Guitars

The Schecter Guitars are some great alternatives to some of the more expensive guitars on today’s market. One of these days I swear I am going to order a guitar online and then take a few lessons to see where I stand when it comes to learning the guitar.

What I don’t want to do is sink a ton of money into something that I am so unsure about, but I don’t want to waste my money on a piece of junk either. I think a nice Schecter guitar just might just work. I love the shape, the color and the price of this sweet looking thing.

Maybe if I get a decent tax refund this year. I should be gathering up all of the paperwork that I need to take over to my step-mother’s house. She does my taxes each year, so far so good. I also love the fact that she does them for free, can’t beet free!

7 string electric guitar

Schecter Guitar Research SGR C-7 7 String Electric…


Almost Beach Weather

I almost feel guilty about enjoying 80 degree weather here while I know it has been cold and windy back home. It was 21 degrees at home on Monday, then they had a warm day that started up all those awful tornadoes. Thank goodness everyone near and dear to me is OK from all that severe weather in Tennessee and all the other places in the south east are experiencing this winter


Here in Orlando it is 80 degrees today and should be close to that again tomorrow. I’m going to try to take a short break every day to get a walk outside, unless it is raining. The walk is good for my general health and part of my resolution to stay healthy, but especially at a big convention it is good for your psychological health, too.

Lunch at Olive Garden

The girls at the office wanted to go out to celebrate Aimee’s birthday, so with all the restaurants around here to pick from, they chose Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden, but why this week of all weeks?

Years ago, my youngest son was a server at Olive Garden for the summer while school was out. I was impressed with how much value the restaurant manager placed upon proper training of the new wait staff. They had to complete three days of classroom training and then two days of on the job training assisting an experience server before they were allowed to have their own section of tables in the restaurant for their shift. I think that they have changed that now to include watching a DVD for waitress training.

The DVD called, “The Perfect Server” is a great example of how restaurants and other businesses can use technology to train new workers. The DVD gives pointers on all the essentials for both beginners and advance waitstaff and demonstrates both the right way and the wrong way to serve customers.

My son breezed through the training and did a great job for them, as evidenced as the hefty amounts of tips that he earned. Plus he learned about customer service, being courteous and responsive, and he had fun while earning good money.

One of the tricks he learned was to offer freshly ground pepper for the salads and to offer freshly grated Parmesan cheese on the pastas. With a little practice he was able to perform these services with a flourish. Of course, the fresh pepper would be a totally different presentation with the use of an electric pepper mill.

I ordered seafood since I don’t like to cook fish in the condo and have the residual odors. I do love fish, especially when someone else is doing the cooking!

lunch time dining

Lunch With The Girls at Olive Garden

Underwater Navigation

If you have ever been scuba diving, especially in dirty water, you know how hard it can be to know where you are what direction to go. Imagine being in a submarine and needing to go in a specific direction. How do you know which way to head? You would use a gyroscope!

Because I grew up on and around the water, I have always known about water navigation. I can read marine maps and I can steer a sail boat with a compass. But I did not know that airplanes and space shuttles also use a gyroscope for navigation. I always thought it was a water related instrument. So I decided to do a little research tonight and learn more about gyroscopes.

The first gyroscope was invented in France in was invented in 1852 by Leon Foucault, an experimental physicist. The instrument is very simple: it is based on the principles of conservation of angular momentum. That might sound complicated, but it is not, really.

Some simple gyroscopes are sold as toys, but they are truly an important instrument used in a variety of vehicles and commercial applications. They are fascinating and I wish my high school physics teacher had explained the principles behind the gyroscope better. I didn’t understand it at all until I was long gone from high school and had the desire to learn about it.