Tons of free blog services

Recently many friends have been sending me invited to thier new blogs and I have been blown away by the amount of free blog places that have become available for everyone to use. Of course you have the blogs that some people use on Myspace, then there are the places that my geekier friends tend to use like live journal or typepad. Some of friends astonish me when they tell me that they have set up a blog at a place like blogger (I had thought this kind of blogging was far out of reach for the majority of my friends who have issues using sites like myspace) .

Well very cool, ther are more and more people using lots of blogging options. I recently read somehwere that was now hosting more than 1 million free blogs! I love the wordpress format, and was tickled pink when I got a link from a friend who has actually taken the time to set up a free wordpress adult blog recently. I guess when it comes to posting pictures of your ex girlfriend (Kelsey Michaels) ordinary people will decide to learn new software and get on the blogging bandwagon to do it!

Funny. Cool? Gross? I don’t know, I can only hope that once Bob get’s his roclks off with the Kelsey posts that he will start a blog one day that focuses on more enlightening subjects like his Tai Chi practice or something. ‘Till then it is very cool to see so many people adapting to new ways of sharing info with the world, let there be more free blogs!

Yamaha Electronic Drums

I’m sorry but I really have never heard of Yamaha electronic drums until I went online and found some to check out. When the heck did electronic drums come out? Where was I when this happened.? Not that I have a vast knowledge of musical instruments, but I have had a love affair with drums all my life. I really wish that I had taken drum lessons as a kid. I did take piano lessons for two summers but gave up on that and was not happy with my parents when they told me that I couldn’t change from piano to the drums. I still hold a resent about that but have kept it to myself all these years.

electric drums by yamaha

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set

Work Your Way Across Australia

With all my travels over the years, the only place I’ve not yet been that I’d love to visit is Australia. I had big hopes at my last job that I would finally have a good business reason to go, as the company was Australian owned. But right after I joined the executive team, the Australian owners sold out to the American partnership and we became an American owned company, with no reason for me to go to Australia. Darn the luck.

But we still did a lot of business with the Australian arm of the company and I have a few good friends from that job in both Australia, Sand Francisco, and Los Angeles. So there’s still a chance for me to go to Australia as a little more than a tourist.

One thing I did not realize until recently is that a popular way to travel Australia is to work your way across the country as a “backpacker.” A backpacker usually takes casual or temporary jobs doing a variety of seasonal or late shift work for a short while and then moves on. There is a huge need for backpackers in the summer to work the farms and orchards and do grape picking, orange picking, apricot picking etc. There are also a lot of backpacker jobs in the hospitality industry, especially for late night shiftwork.

I read up on Jobs in Australia on a website called and found the different listings for all the different professions very interesting compared to the listing in the U.S. employment classifieds. For instance, the site has categories for mining jobs, apprentice jobs, government jobs, and overseas jobs. Those are categories you don’t see in many U.S. job sites or classifieds.

Spare Key

For the first time in my entire life, I locked myself out of the house this morning. What a horrible realization that was! Usually I have my keys in my pocket whenever I leave the house -even if it is just to go fetch the mail or pick up the newspaper from the sidewalk.

For some reason, I didn’t think to take my keys with me. I must have been deep in thought or still half asleep, because I just never do that. But today – I did.

Thank goodness I have given a spare key to my neighbor and she had not left for work yet. She got the spare key and and let me back in. I sure did feel stupid this morning, but I’m so glad I had the foresight to make a spare key and give it to someone for safekeeping.

Human Resources Challenges

Talked to Katie for a long time this afternoon. She has been working as the human resources assistant at CWNA for over 2 years and is getting so frustrated. The Human Resources Manager gave notice at Thanksgiving and said she would stay for up to a month so they would have time to find a good replacement. So of course, the month has gone by and they have only interviewed a couple of people and made no offers.

Katie’s feelings are a little hurt that they haven’t offered her the promotion. I know she must feel that if the lame duck manager actually leaves, that the company will be expecting Katie to step up and do the work but that she won’t be getting the pay or the title. That’s not fair, but that’s the corporate world at it’s worst, and CWNA is certainly a candidate for the top 10 worst companies to work for in California.

For example, the HR Manager just assigned a huge project to Katie, to compare health insurance plans and rates and possibly make a change. Katie has been looking at California small business health insurance and learning about the different plans. Getting a California group health insurance quote for the employees at corporate from different companies is very time consuming, but Katie is pretty good at that kind of thing.

Katie’s been doing a lot of the research on the internet. She was telling me about a website that a broker has for getting a California health insurance quote from multiple companies so you can (hopefully) find the best plan for your group from the one site.

I listened to her concerns and tried to be encouraging. I think if she does a good job with this project that she will increase her marketable skills and quite possibly be able to convince the CEO that she can handle the job of HR Manager. If not, this will look good on her resume and she can start looking for a better job.

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