Tracking Your Time

From my days of employment at a rather large, well known and successful law firm, I can tell you how important good time billing software is to running a successful business. At the firm, it was all about billable hours. The lawyers all had to meet weekly minimums of hours. Every hour of a workday had to be charged to a client, whether they were on the telephone, face to face meetings, or in court.

Most of my other jobs did not try to attribute my time to particular clients or projects except for when I worked at the computer company. I was a multi-department manager supporting multiple government and military projects, so my time had to be allocated to specific projects. It was challenging to keep track of what I did throughout the day, but I managed.

The most interesting time-sheet I had to use was at the Franchose company headquarters. They had a complete online system that tracked your time, your vacation, and also all your expenses. I loved that program! I could access it from my desk or from my laptop while traveling by logging in via internet.

It was super easy to use and I loved getting my expenses reimbursed so quickly. Often, my expense reimbursement check was waiting for me at my desk by the time I returned from a convention or trade show. That was helpful and very much appreciated.


“And this is Igor…he’s responsible for making sure people put their billable hours in.”


Landscaping with LED Lights

Those beautiful LED landscape lights at the B & B in Tampa gave me a great idea for decorating at home. I’ve seen the white LED rope lighting at some of the clubs downtown, and now I’ve learned that the LEDs come in a variety of different shapes and colors.

Green Rope LEDs


Green Raspberry Bulb LEDs


For the next St. Patrick’s Day, I plan to use green Christmas lights all around my deck railing and stairs, and string them around my potted trees and shrubs on the deck and patio. The new LEDs are energy efficient and cool to the touch.

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes

From the site “Pipes” is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers do astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities together on the command line.”

I think this is another great idea from Yahoo, should be interesting to see just what can be combined and mashed together.

Man Dies, Too Much Internet Gaming

Just found an article on a blog talking about how a guy died from over use of the internet. Internet gaming to be exact. I am quite surprised that someone dies from too much online gaming, the games I’ve played online have been highly addictive, but I can’t imagine playing until death. I could see falling asleep or passing out from playing too long.

They would not say what game he was playing, and it’s a guy from China. If it had been in the US I would imagine perhaps World of Warcraft or maybe World in Conflict. Perhaps it is warcraft, I’m sure it’s popular over there as well. If it’s not one of those three, and perhaps a game that is not yet available in the US I could see all kind of ads made around the warning. This game is so good you must no play till real death.

Do You Tarot?

I’ve had some great tarot readings. It’s great entertainment in New Orleans – the whole city just oozes mysticism, voodoo and vampires. Tarot fits right in and there are readers all over the French Quarter.

Now there’s an online site called ifate that has free tarot readings, numerology, and more really unique links. If you’ve ever wanted to learn tarot cards you should try this site. I clicked over there this afternoon and it knocked my socks off!

not sure if I'm a true believer

Tarot Card Readings