7 Strings on My Electric Guitar

ThisĀ 7 string electric guitar that I found through Musician’s Friend is a sweet deal for less than $200, when it originally sells for $279. That is a great savings. Along with free shipping and a 30 day return policy is just icing on the cake. Of course I am going to order an extra set of strings while I’m at it. Hopefully that will help avoid a major pain in the rear, when and if the time comes that I need one or all!

7 string and electric

Schecter Guitar 7 String Electric Guitar Silver Burst Black Chrome

I have needed and wanted a decent looking guitar for a long time and have been just waiting to come across a sweet deal just like this, so it looks like my patience has paid off. I’m clicking the “Submit Button” tonight!

Leash Laws

My neighbors are about on my last nerve with letting their dogs run free. We do have a leash law in this county and even if we didn’t have the law it is common sense to protect your dog from getting run over and to protect your neighbors kids from a dog bite. There are three houses on my street alone that routines let their dogs roam freely. I’m not sure how to handle this, but I don’t like it.

just don't do it


Don’t Have A Blog?

Dont have a blog yet and do not have any money to buy a domain name and more money to have it hosted? Well do not worry there are plenty of places that will let you keep a blog online for free. The first and the best in my opinion is Blogger which is run by the great folks over at Google. If Blogger does not do it for you then try out WordPress. The third place is MySpace which has a lot of other features including a blog. So if you do not have one blog go get yourself one and have fun sharing your thoughts and ideas online with the World.

When You Need a Geek

Arrgh. I had some laptop issues this afternoon. Of course, it has to happen while I’m on vacation and not in the office for help from our IT guy. And I realize that I’m lucky to have some help from the guys in the office. A lot of people don’t even have that much support.

Thank goodness I knew about the site for home IT support.

You can get help for computer repair either over the phone or face to face. They can answer all those pesky questions about computers and software, and help with hooking up new accessories like a webcam or gaming console. Certainly worth giving them a try for expert IT support.

Tin Pan South

Every year the Nashville Songwriters Association International hosts a week long series of concerts throughout Nashville called Tin Pan South. The awesome element of this event is that the concerts feature the songwriters who actually wrote the songs rather than the celebrity singers. Of course, some of the singers are also songwriters, but you would be surprised at how many singers are famous for songs that someone else wrote.

Check out their website for details on the venues and the artists who are playing in town this week, and if you have some time read through the bios and discography of the writers – you will be impressed. this week is what makes Nashville truly unique.

Tin Pan South

Tin Pan South