Transmission Problems

Sometimes there is a word that pops up in your life with alarming frequency. I say alarming with the thought that the word might not always be a good thing. The word I have in mind that even prompted this post is: transmission.

When I worked for NORTEL, I worked with a crew of salesmen who specialized in Government contracts for telephone transmission equipment. I still remember the spec sheets on the DMS-10.

But lately, the word transmission is pertaining to automobiles. It seems like the last 4 vehicles that I’ve had I drove and maintained well past the period of car payments. I paid for all kinds of major repairs in hopes of keeping each of those cars running. But the straw that always broke the camel’s back was when that vehicles started having transmission troubles.

The Ford Thunderbird was one of my favorite cars, but I had to pay for 3 transmissions in that 1997 classic car. Its now sitting in the back of the house with another bad transmission. I don’t know if i will ever get around to putting another transmission in that car. I think three should have been plenty.

Granny Needs A New Bath Tub

I was chatting with Granny last night for a bit. She’s doing real well since her fall, and is getting ready to start writing in her own blog. Way to go, Granny!

If you didn’t know already, Granny slipped on the front steps right before her 75th birthday and hurt her hip. This is the very thing we’ve all been afraid would happen because it is so common for older people to slip and get hurt. The good news is that nothing was broken, but she is very sore and needs a walker for a couple of weeks to help her get around.

This whole episode got us to thinking about how we grandchildren could help out making her house a little more “elder friendly” and maybe more accessible for Granny later years – as we sure hope she will be here with us for many many more years yet. Little brother is a plumber and he suggested we start with remodeling the bathroom. We could put in a walk in tub and a different toilet, for starters.

I’ve been searching the web for information and found a site with pictures and tons of info for Walk-in Tubs. After Granny and the grand kids have a chance to look it over, we hope to get one ordered and installed for her. I know she will appreciate the easy in and out, plus every girl likes a good long soak!

Bad Hair Day

I’m torn between getting a totally new look with a fresh hairstyle or should I just put up with this growing out stage forĀ  another week or two? It gets frustrating to look in the mirror day after day, and feel like it is another bad hair day, day after day.

Part of me really likes long hair – it is easy to pull it back and tie it into a ponytail. It is easy to just brush it out and let it fall. And my father always likes his daughters to have long hair – it was important to him and he told us that, often.

On the other hand, short hair washes and dries faster and easier. And it makes me feel more carefree and, I don’t know, sassy – is that the right word?

If you look in all the women’s magazine the models all have long straight hair. I think it’s getting very boring. Plus, I’m obviously not a 20-something model, either.

We’ll have to see if the car head towards the hair salon today or not.


If someone hands me a can of Playdough, I get very frustrated. I cannot look at a lump of clay or dough and actually visualize something to make out of it. So I have learned over the years to find a couple of things that I know I can draw or can make, and when I get put on the spot, I go to these shapes.

I can draw a rabbit and I can make one out of Playdough. I am sure there is some deep psychological reason why I chose a rabbit. I don’t know what reason that might be, though. This is a cute video that I found on YouTube that teaches you how to make a bunny with Playdough, thought I’d share it here.

How Now? LOL

This reminds me of when I was a little girl. My mother hated for us to chew gum because she said that we sounded like a cow chewing it’s cud! One time I was in the back seat chewing some gum and my mother reached back and smacked my right across the face! I never knew how long my mother’s arms were until that day!

To this day I always make sure to chew anything with my mouth closed and as quiet as possible and it gets on my nerves to be around anyone that is not.