Dentist Appt

Today I have a dentist appointment. First, I have to finish eating my lunch as I usually cannot eat for several hours after I see the dentist. So I have my leftover lasagna and garlic bread from last night warming in the oven. But I’m running out of time, so I’ll probably have to eat the Oreo’s in the car on my way downtown.

it only hurts when I laugh

It’s always about chocolate!


Cool Wheels

So last night we played miniature golf at “Treasure Island” and had a blast. We rode over in Greg’s Hummer 3 and Jim’s Ford Expedition. I rode shotgun with Greg. Nice ride!

Riding in a nice buggy like that Hummer makes me start lusting for new wheels. I mean, I love my little Beemer, but that Hummer 3 is really sweet. I don’t think I’d go so far as to have it pink like the one in the picture below! I wonder how much insurance would be on the Hummer compared to what I’m paying now? Sometimes on the really nice cars the insurance can be as much as the car payment!

Later tonight I might check a few places on the web and see if I can find cheap motor insurance or at least a couple of good estimates on car insurance. Greg mentioned a good place to start so If the insurance is in the right price range, I can shop around for a car loan and see if I want to take on the additional payments. With the internet put to good use, shopping for cars and insurance can be a breeze.

a bit too bright for me

Bright Pink Hummer

Worldwide Vacation Rentals

Wanted to share this great worldwide vacation rentals website I used to book my vacation to Hawaii for my upcoming and much needed week long vacation. My husband and I looked around in different areas of the world for rental vacation homes and we found some great Florida vacation rentals that looked promising along with some San Diego vacation rentals that were really well priced, but after careful consideration we decided to go to Hawaii.

We both have been wanting to go to Hawaii for quite some time so we looked at some Hawaii vacation rentals via this awesome website called Goin 2 Travel and found the perfect getaway for our special week of rest and relaxation. Should you be in the market for a vacation home be sure to check out Goin 2 Travel for great prices on vacation rentals at destinations worldwide.

Crazy About Purple

Am thinking that next year I will focus my spring plantings on purple and blue flowers. There are so many varieties to choose from – it should be interesting to try to stick to a color theme this year.

I must have pansies. They were my grandmother’s favorite flowers. She taught me how to draw pansies when I was just 5 or 6 years old and stayed at her farm house for a couple weeks that summer. She and my Pop Pop had a huge working farm near Winchester, Virginia and I had a great time playing outside every day. Except the day that the pig chased me. But that’s a different story.

She taught me how to draw and paint different flowers with water colors and I’ve always had either purple pansies or red geraniums every spring for as long as I can remember.

my favorite flowers

Blue and Purple Pansies

7 Strings on My Electric Guitar

ThisĀ 7 string electric guitar that I found through Musician’s Friend is a sweet deal for less than $200, when it originally sells for $279. That is a great savings. Along with free shipping and a 30 day return policy is just icing on the cake. Of course I am going to order an extra set of strings while I’m at it. Hopefully that will help avoid a major pain in the rear, when and if the time comes that I need one or all!

7 string and electric

Schecter Guitar 7 String Electric Guitar Silver Burst Black Chrome

I have needed and wanted a decent looking guitar for a long time and have been just waiting to come across a sweet deal just like this, so it looks like my patience has paid off. I’m clicking the “Submit Button” tonight!