Wondering about “Sideways”

While kicking back on my Friday night I decided to watch a movie. Normally, I like action movies like Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis films, or comedies. For some reason I picked the movie “Sideways,” starring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh. I don’t know much about the guys, but I have been a big fan of Virginia Madsen and I recognized Sandra Oh from another movie that I like very much and I believe she is on a popular TV show, too. So I thought it was worth a look.

It was a strange movie and I’m still not sure if I liked it. It particularly bothers me that people not living in America might watch it and think that the way these characters behaved is typical for Americans and their values, because I don’t think that is true. At least, I hope it is not true.

If you haven’t seen “Sideways,” the story premise is that a couple of guys are going on a short trip to California’s wine country as a type of bachelor party for Jack. The two guys are good friends but just can’t tell the truth to one another nor to the several girls that they meet. The comedy is in the consequences for their lying.

My favorite part is at the very end – (yeah! it’s over!) when Miles gets manipulated into breaking into someone’s house to get back Jack’s wallet. The very premise and the chase scene that ensues is absolutely hilarious.

My New 100% Cotton PRS Birds T-Shirt

The PRS Birds T-Shirt that I ordered online from musician’s friend arrived and I have to say that it looks great and since it is 100% cotton jersey material it feels quite comfortable as well. As I get older I have found that being comfortable in my clothes is a huge issue. Gone are the days that it was all about looking good no matter how it felt to me.

Considering this t-shirt has a two-color PRS graphic imprint that was originally selling for $25 and I got it for $20, with no shipping or handling charges tacked on to the order, I think I got a pretty sweet deal. And I love the contrast color blanket stitching on the waist, the cuffs, the shoulders and the armholes has really impressed me. Since I generally don’t buy a lot of things for myself (especially clothing) I think I should have ordered two of them while I had the chance and the money!

100% cotton shirt

My New PRS Birds T-Shirt

Preparing For Middle School Music

We are trying to be proactive and find out how to prepare for our oldest son’s first year in middle school. I still think that 5th grade is way too early to be in the same school along with 6th, 7th and 8th graders. And I shutter to think of how the bus ride will be in the mornings and afternoons with such a diverse group of kids. But 2 years ago the school board decided to take the 5th graders out of the elementary schools and include them with the current grades and there isn’t anything any of us can do, but prepare as much as possible and say a prayer I suppose.

Anyway we know that he will be in a music class and hopefully he will be good enough to be in their band. So we are looking around trying to find a student clarinet that we can find online. There really isn’t a wide variety of music stores around here. I don’t know what we would do if it weren’t for the Internet. I’ll have to ask my mother what she did back when we were all that age and played various musical instruments.

Egad! My Drivers License is about to Expire!

It’s the kind of thing you don’t think about . . . once you get your driver’s license, having to renew it just isn’t something on your mind. I had to show my driver’s license today at the convenience store, and the clerk mentioned that it is about to expire. Oh my gosh – I had no idea but what a mess I would be in if it DID expire. With all this travel on my schedule, I can’t even get on an airplane without a valid ID. Taking care of that is on the top of tomorrow’s “To Do” list.

Voice Processing Technology

Last week my kid sister had the opportunity to meet Dr. Harold (Andy) Hildebrand, known better as Dr Andy who was a research scientist before he submerged himself in the music industry studying music as well as music composition. His work then led to the invention of the Antares software that she was looking at earlier today with me.

Today’s professional sound designers are so very grateful for his work, which led to quickly become the premier looping tool, something that was deemed impossible for so very long. I am so jealous that I wasn’t along with my kid sister. At the last minute she asked me to join her. but I don’t do “last minute” very well. It takes a good amount of time, work and energy to put my face on, having my hair clean and shiny, and clothes that fit, that flatter my figure, which isn’t always easy to pull off.

Thanks Dr Rice for the software

Antares Auto-Tune Evo Native

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