Revisiting Television Episodes from the Past

Lately I have discovered free on demand shows on satellite TV from It has been interesting revisiting all the television shows that I watched as a child and young adult. The joy of being able to revisit all the episodes of Little House on the Prairie has been a blessing, for now I have children of my own and we have taken plenty of family time to watch Laura and her siblings get themselves in and out of trouble.

My husband on the other hand, loves to watch The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island and will sometimes waste his days off watching old episodes. I finally spoke to him about the time he was taking up reminiscing with his childhood and he agreed, but explained to me since he discovered he could watch his old-time favorites that it is hard to be able to walk away at times. I could easily relate to what he meant, as with my old favorite shows it is tough to walk away instead of continuing on to the next episode.

The Portable Keyboard Section

Being able to transport “equipment has always been a challenge in so many businesses. The good news is that so much of today’s equipment has been made with that in mind so we are seeing so many things getting smaller and smaller, which generally makes it easier to pack, store and transport.

Funny how the first cell phones started out being so large and cumbersome, actually they started out as being what we call “mobile phones” that people bought so that they could make and receive phone calls while being in their vehicle. It took a good long while for them to evolve into what we now call “cell phone” that people can carry with them virtually anywhere they want and/or need as long as they have a signal.

The size of these phones got smaller and smaller, but now a days we are seeing them get bigger and bigger, I guess they need to be bigger in order to do all the things that we now need and use them for.

Keyboards are a good example of how a smaller version plays an important role for folks in need of a portable digital piano, Ever since D.J.s have taken over in so many venues that used to hire live bands, it is a real treat to see a live show and one can only imagine how long it takes these bands to pack up all of their equipment and transport everything needed to perform.

I was looking online at midi to see the keyboards that are being used these days. I have to say that I was impressed with the variety of keyboards on the market these days and how there is a wide range of prices being asked for them. I miss seeing live bands. I remember good times a plenty back in the day when they would hold “Battle of the Bands” which caused the place to rock until the wee hours of the night.

perfect piano for the stage

A Typical Stage Keyboard

Summers on the Water

When I was a kid we spent the entire summer “on the water.” My parents had 20 acres of riverfront property, with a cabin and dock. We had a variety of boats and fishing gear at our disposal and we spent the hot summer days water skiing, swimming, hunting for sharks teeth and cooking crabs on the big stone fireplace and BBQ.

I took my kids down to visit the grandparents several times each summer, but they also liked to go to the ocean, so we spent most weekends at either Virginia Beach or Chincoteague Island. But that’s too far for a weekend trip from Nashville, so it will be a while until we can get back to the East Coast beaches. Most of the people here head south to the Gulf of Mexico when they want beach vacations.

We have a great little water park on the lake, with water slides and a sand beach for swimming. I think they have a wave pool, too. They rent jet skis and small ski boats, and several weekends throughout the summer they have Saturday night concerts and fireworks. I hope my grandson can come up for a few weekends to stay with his Nana and I’ll take him to the water park so we can both have fun in the sun.

Born in the U.S.A.

Happy 4th of July

My Rusty Spanish Needs Help

Had to write an email to our master franchisee in Mexico today. It was a short note to let him know that I have a broker lined up to meet with him. My years of high school Spanish lessons helped a little, but honestly, that was 30 something years ago. I hope he can read it and understand what I was trying to say.

We don’t have anyone fluent in Spanish in our office since Elena left. As we have business deals ongoing with people in Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, I thought that my taking a Spanish language course could help the company. I would love to go to an immersion camp, but simply don’t have time. It would be fun to re-learn the language, now that using it would give me a practical application in the real world.

Our human resources manager suggested I look at a website for a company called Executive Language Training. This is the right place for what I need to do! ELT offers courses in Spanish and five other languages. They do an assessment of my needs and goals, assign a trainer to work with me, and everything is geared around making it convenient to my schedule. Their website was easy to read and easy to find the information I needed to sign up. I’m leaning toward their special “intensive Spanish course” so that I can get up to speed quickly, and then maybe a class in introductory French.


Se Habla Espanol

Fun Dates

Back in the day, I had some terrific dates with guys. Sometimes I went out with guys without it being a date, we were a group of friends that like to go do things together and always had fun, without the extra complication of someone being a “date.” These were usually outdoors activities, like riding 3-wheelers through the woods, going mud bogging in 4-wheelers, water skiing, deep sea fishing, and shooting paintballs.

The traditional date was usually dinner at a nice romantic restaurant and then either a movie, play, concert or some type of show. The DC area is chock full of great restaurants, with every possible type of ethnic specialty you can ask for. There are dozens of great steakhouses and some top notch seafood places, too. The great restaurants are what I miss most about the DC area.