Groovr – a mobile social network for cell phone users

Saw a post about groovr today in digg, which led to a well done post about groovr on Mashable by [via Paul Stamatiou]. Groovr does look pretty cool, and I can see some fun use of it for a while. I think sites like this may become a flash in the pan though. Without having everyone in your daily social network the use of it will probably be less than that of yahoo messenger, which lets your online network send you mobile messages and shows you as mobile with a send icon.  There were many important concerns pbrought up by the commentors on mashable and sigg, including these considerations:

from “Web 2.0 Critic”:

This is pretty dumb. Are a considerable number of people actually going to text a message everytime they “check in” to a place? Some will, but I don’t think it has mainstream appeal with this basic and tedious process. Eventually, in tandem with GPS, the carriers will offer a service that is directly integrated and much more efficient.

Also the privacy concerns are enormous. This takes stalking to a new level. It looks like your profile pages here are public so now a stalker can really track you down. Are people really this dumb today to want to let everybody know where they’re at at every moment?

It will be interesting to see where mobile social networks will be in like 5 years…

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