College Life Powerd by Google

College Life

From Googles Web Site 

“You spend your life dealing with information. A lot of it is academic, a lot more is personal, it all matters, and you can probably use better tools for handling it effectively. On this page, we’d like to introduce you to a few of them.”

From me

I use this service and was so amazed by its ease of use I passed it around to my friends and now we have a great network of information we can access easily online from any device including my cell phone has already helped us girls out over 10 times the last time was when my friend Ashley locked herself out of her car then used her phone to text my Google Talk which I then forwarded to Margrets Gmail which if yo uknow her is the only way to reach her, who then brought her an extra set, just one of many ways Google helped out this week. If your in college then atleast try this free service out to see if it may be righ for you.

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  1. Candice Post author

    What a great service by Google I can not wait to try it out any chance I can be apart of your Google network ?

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