Alltel Wireless For Sale

There are rumors going around that Alltell Wireless is for sale and is already in talks with several of it’s rivals. And although I could not track down any offical statement from any of it’s rivals the word on the street is Alltell is for sale.

“Although Alltel Wireless is only the nation’s fifth-largest mobile phone company when you consider the number of subscribers, they have done an excellent job catering to rural and low-population areas that are sometimes snubbed by the bigger names. Maybe that’s not enough. Alltel Wireless is apparently looking for a buyer and they have already had discussions with “all its larger rivals.”

As Alltel is CDMA-based, it would make the most sense for Alltel to team up with Sprint or Verizon, though a partnership, merger, or outright purchase is not out of the cards for T-Mobile or the former Cingular (AT&T) either. One of the major speed bumps to a potential deal, however, is that Alltel is worth too much: “the mobile carrier is valued at almost $22 billion, a number sure to rise if takeover talk persists.”

If Sprint-Nextel or Verizon Communications were to purchase Alltel, they would gain the country’s largest wireless network based on geographical footprint. This is a huge asset, naturally, and one that is worth considering.”

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