Have photos and need more space?

Do you have alot of photos on your computer or stored on your memery card or just have alot of photos laying around? I think we all have atleast one of these things going on with our pictures and there are several great places that you can store and share your photos online for free. The first and is also my favorite is Flickr, which is also owned by Yahoo, it allows you to tag your photos among alot other things. The next is Photo Bucket which is where 41 million people are search, uploading and sharing photos. They have over 2 Billion photos stored online for everyone to view. Do you know of any other great photo sharing places online if so leave them in the comments so everyone else can see them.

One thought on “Have photos and need more space?

  1. Carl

    With KoffeePhoto http://www.koffeephoto.com/en/ , storage is running on a secure peer-to-peer based network and, thus, is unlimited and free. Upon being shared, pictures can viewed full screen in slide shows or using various means of displaying them, web pages, Netvibes or Google widgets, mobile phone.

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