The best massage ever

Was in a bad car wreck last weekend and after many xrays the doctor found that no  bones were broken but I had a sore back and neck from the crash, I surfed the web for a licensed massage therapist in my area and found the best massage therapist in the State of Tennessee. After an hour massage with Eric from The Lighter Touch I was feeling like new again in no time. I recommend anyone looking for a massage in Nashville Tennessee to look him up and try out one of his massages.

One thought on “The best massage ever

  1. Lizz Pugh, LMT

    I just wanted to say how great it is that you’re writing a testimonial for someone who helped you so greatly! I love it when my clients (I’m in Sarasota, FL) do this… People don’t realize how strongly word of mouth affects our businesses. So as a member of the massage profession–thanks! I’m sure that Eric appreciates it greatly too. Best,~Lizz

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