Design for life changes

I read a post from a fellow blogger, Stephanie talking about how she considers life changes a design issue and at first I did not understand, but I took a few minutes and thought about how I would consider life changes a design issue and how it would be nice if we could just change the design of our home or work or schedule as we needed to add things to our life similar to how people change their blog themes when they add content.

Wouldn’t it be great if like in the sims game you could just magically add a room for a new baby much like you add a content container for things like flicker asides? Then I considered that looking at the world as a design issue, how I can try to plan for future events by considering what design I would need for the home, and work, etc. Strange thought, but a worth consideration I believe.

One thought on “Design for life changes

  1. Ryan Post author

    That makes alot of sense Selena. I never thought about it that way before, thanks for opening my mind up to new possibilties.

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