Hillary for President

I am voting for Hilary Clinton for President I think this country needs a womans touch for awhile. Men are great for alot of things, but so are women, and with Bill by her side I am sure she could rely on him for anything. I read that recently Hillary Clinton supports medical marijuana and will stop the DEA raids on sick patients around the country that use the herb for medicinal purposes. This shows that she listens to people, doctors, and States which is what I want from someone that is running the entire country. With a great female voter turn out next year Hillary Clinton could easily be the next President.

3 thoughts on “Hillary for President

  1. Cindy Post author

    Hillary also has my vote I think the current man in office messed up big time and a woman needs to once again clean up after a mans mess, and she is the right woman for the job.

  2. Melanie

    She’s got my vote as well. And, my husband says that same thing all the time; “this country needs a womans touch for a while.” He’s one of those “husbands for Hillary” I guess.

    Go Hillary!

  3. Martin Cole Post author

    Hi Selena,

    Not only do you have a beautiful unique name but you also have a great looking blog here!!!. I particularly like your thoughts about Hilary Clinton being ideal to run this country now that of all the male presidents only one or two in the last 20 years have come close to fulfiling any potential whatsoever.
    All the best


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