One study shows only mainstream media reports important issues

Anytime I hear “One study shows”, I immediately assume that some bullshit is about to follow, and it usually does. Today I found an article on Techcrunch that talks about a story in which a journalism study tried to show that social news sites and the blogosphere were more about toys (like the iphone unlock) rather than important news articles.

I appreciate the Tech crunch writer who made some important observations such as the story about Putin dissolution of the Russian government making the top 10 of digg today, and I think that more consideration should be made to the fact that many news stories come and go very quickly on sites like digg. I know I for one will use my feedreader to check stories several times a day from digg and other social news services including newsvine. So you can’t just make a study at one time of the day and consider it accurate, especially with a site like digg that changes so much.

People living the 24 hour a day connected life want change, it’s no wonder that a study has not been done to reflect how many of the traditional news sites will get my attention to look at the headlines usually once a day, and social new networks will often get me to click and read several times a day.

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