Storm worm power is scary

I saw an article via reauters blog post that talked about this so called “storm worm” “bot net” has beceom so powerful, that collectively it has the power of the top 10 supercomputers in the world. You know, super, ultra powerful computers that can calculate information faster than a combine 10,000 pentium 4 pcs. Well doing a little searching it seems that many people are quite concerned about the power of this bot net.

It seems that someone has managed to use a rootkit type of attack to infect computer all over the world, and using various techniques, not just virus infected emails, but also malicious code on a web page to infect tons of computes worldwide. This basically gives the owner of this virus system control over your computer, and many other people’s systems as well.

Doing some searching it seems that many computer geeks are worried that such a powerful system of zombie machines combined into this bot net will give someone unprecedented power to send out a huge amount of spam emails, which would clog up not just email inboxes and filters, but seriously slow down system across the internet. There is also some discussion about the pure brute force power of using all the zombie systems to attack a web site or web sites which would take them all down.

I’m sure the military and government see this as a threat at this point, and I bet microsoft will be reconsidering leaving rootkit back doors in it’s system, even if the music industry will play nicer with microsoft for having these types of holes in our computer systems.

I’m sure the standard defenses apply – have currently updated anti-virus software running, and make sure you have applied the latest windows updates.

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