Monthly Archives: December 2007

What a great year!

I had a great 2007, and I am celebrating my New Years tonight at home with friends and family. I am really hoping for another great year in 2008, and hope that this year we will have world peace.

Trying to get anything done around this time of year is almost impossible, since I am either cooking, cleaning, or shopping.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my blog this year, and will stay around for another year of fabulous posts filled with entertainment.

Happy Holiday Season, World

Wanted to wish everyone out there a very happy holiday season. 

I hope everyone is able to be with their families this year and that everyone gets all the things they’ve been dreaming about. 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone that I have not seen all year, and all the new babies our family has had. Nothing like getting together and sharing stories and opening gifts!

I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful year coming up.

My new theme

Did an upgrade to my WordPress theme and when I was upgrading, I decided to go ahead and pick a new theme, as well.

After looking around online for nearly an hour choosing between different types of themes, I chose to use this one by “Ask Graphics.” I like the 3 column look and the abilities my new WordPress update gave me, such as widgets and tags.

Anyways, wanted to let everyone know what was up with my new look, let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Making my list this year

Well, I am making my list and I am checking it twice so I can get all the things I have to get this year. I know if the malls and shopping centers are anything like they were last year, then I will be stuck in line for quite sometime getting all the goodies I have on my list. Not quite sure what I want this year, but I know what I am going to get everyone on my list and I have been keeping a list for a couple of months now, so it is quite long but everyone deserves what they are getting. So I am happy to shop for it, no doubt. Was wondering what is on everyone else’s list this year to get, so post them in the comments would you, I still need a couple of good ideas.