Daily Archives: January 15, 2008

Quick Trip to New York

I’m not going to let anything mess up my trip to Breckenridge, but my boss just called and needs me to fly to New York.

Everyone here used to fly to NYC on Jet Blue, but they shut down last week. Great timing for me, guys! Found a flight from here to Newark that gets me back late Thursday. Thank goodness I already packed for Breckenridge over the weekend. I can leave the suitcases by the door and just switch them out when I get back.

So, I’m leaving tonight for NYC. Since so much of our business is in New York, one of the cool things we discovered was that you don’t always have to rent a car. There’s a way to get a car and driver instead of a rental car. I hate New York cabs and I hate driving in NYC, so this works out great for me.

So the plan is for me to fly in to Newark, call NJ airport car service for a car and meet our company people at the hotel in the morning for breakfast.

Gotta run – if I find a WiFi spot and a few minutes tomorrow I’ll post again from the laptop.

Yes, Wendy, there is coffee in Colorado!

LOL – the only thing Wendy is worried about on the ski trip is whether there is a Starbucks in Breckenridge. I can think of a dozen other questions, but that’s the biggest thing on her mind.

I looked it up on their website and we are OK for in town. She made a good point about wanting coffee in the morning at the condo. I think the trip director has plans for the bus to stop at a grocery store on the way to the condo. That’s what we did last year. We can buy coffee, bagels, instant oatmeal, etc. and have it on hand.

That gives me an idea. Since we are batching it, maybe we should get some crackers and cheese and party food to have on hand. Maybe a 6 pack and a bottle of wine, too. If we meet anyone nice, we can have them over . . . ?

Happy Dance! Wendy can go!

How cool is this? Wendy can get away this weekend and go to Breckenridge as a sub for the JERK who has cancelled at the last minute!

Wendy can even ski and she has the gear! She went on the Park City ski trip with me and the club a couple of years ago and tore up the slopes! I feel so much better now, knowing that a good friend is going.

It won’t be the same romantic getaway I had planned, but who knows? It might turn out better to be batching this trip and then meeting someone awesome out there!