Daily Archives: January 26, 2008

Hockey All Stars Game

Looking forward to watching the All Stars game.

My hero, Tomas Vokoun was selected as one of the three goalies for the Eastern Conference. Also, my sweetie, Kimmo Timonen, is a defenseman for the Eastern Conference. I love these guys and miss them much. Wish they were still here.

So, guess which conference I’m cheering for? LOL

Just fiddling

Valentines Day is so close to my birthday, I have always loved the holiday. Plus, I’m a romantic at heart.

All the stores have candy on their shelves – there’s no escaping the holiday. Even though I’m single this year and don’t have a sweetheart right now.

Just clicking around on the internet, I came across a really cool site that takes photos and changes them up into this awesome artwork. Somebody looking for great valentines gift ideas could make one and have a unique special gift. Now THAT’S romantic.

If my future sweetheart is reading my blog, this is your hint, darling.

Last visit to Houston

I was in Houston so much on business a couple years ago that it feels like a second home. I love the Woodlands area, and the new Sugarland area is exploding with new stores and new homes.

The last time I was in Houston, I made a little side trip through some of the neighborhoods around the university. I stopped in a liquor store to pick up a small bottle of vodka and Kahlua to make White Russians, but changed my mind when I saw the gigantic display of tequilas on the shelves. I have never seen so many different brands and bottles!

I ended up buying four different kinds of tequila and we spent the rest of the night doing taste test shots. OMG – so much fun!

My friend Annie is a Disney freak!

Just got an email from my friend, Annie. She is planning a trip to Disney for Spring Break with her son and his girlfriend. They’ve gone twice a year ever since he was 3 years old.

 Her son actually attended Disney University last year and is hoping to get hired full time there. They have a thorough program that focuses on customer service and safety issues. Sounds like a great opportunity for him if it works out.

The Disney hotel she stays at charges $800 per night. OMG! That’s a house payment every night!

Back to Orlando

Now that I’m making plans for my trip to Florida, I’m thinking that a condo or little vacation home might be a good investment for me. I seem to end up in Florida at least 4 or 5 times a year on business. It would be nice to have my own place instead of being in a hotel every trip, and it would give someplace to go when I want a quick getaway.

When the IFA is over, I might start looking for a Florida villa or condo to buy while I’m there. I can rent it out to tourists when I don’t want it for my own use. And maybe even retire there someday – although that is at least 12 years away. By then, it might be close to paid for! I think I’m talking myself into this new plan – I like it!