Daily Archives: January 27, 2008

Birthday Present for my Grandson

I can’t believe David will be 6 years old already! Time really flies!

He’s a great kid, just wish I could see him more often. Ever since they moved to Alabama the time between visits seems to get longer. It’s hard when you are used to keeping him every weekend to just once every couple of months. But my son’s job is in Alabama, so that’s that.

With his birthday right around the corner, I’m thinking he is old enough for an airgun now. That’s the perfect way to teach a kid about gun safety and responsible hunting. I think my own kids were about 6 when I bought them their first airguns.

Resolution for better health

I found this list on one of the sites that I browse and it really struck home for me. I’m going to do this, starting today!

  1. I will exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes.
  2. I will write down everything I eat.
  3. I will be physically active for 45 minutes everyday, whether it means that I must workout morning and evening, bring sneakers to work and walk at lunch, or whatever it takes.
  4. I will eat more slowly.
  5. I will drink more water.
  6. At the end of every week, I will look at the food that I am eating and have (honestly) written down to (fearlessly) assess whether I am taking care of body or punishing it.
  7. I will then make decisions about my next meal, and the ones after that, to ensure that they really do healthfully and efficiently fuel my body.