Daily Archives: January 28, 2008

Oh no – Gonna Miss Jackson Browne

I heard Jackson Browne is coming to do an solo acoustic show in March. Tickets went on sale Friday. By Saturday morning when I thought of it and tried to buy some, it was too late. Sold out in a day.

This town is getting too big too fast. Where are all these people coming from? You used to be able to get tickets to any show for at least a week after they went on sale – even the big name acts. I’m bummed out now.

Hillary was Here

Funny, Hillary was in town yesterday giving speeches and I didn’t know it until I saw a link on Yahoo this afternoon. How out of it was I this weekend?

Yesterday was a blur of nothing special. Cleaned the condo, did laundry, get the personal paperwork caught up and surfed the web for hours. It was a nice, quiet day. But I didn’t even venture outdoors and had no clue that Hillary was here.

I have to get out more.