Getting psyched about my ski trip!

Can’t believe we’ll be heading out to Breckenridge with the Ski Club in less than 10 days! Yahooooo!

I’ll have to get out all the gear and make sure everything is in good shape over the weekend. If I have to buy anything else before we leave, I’ll still have the first part of the week to hit the stores. But honestly, there are many stores for ski gear in the South. I might have to wait until I get to Colorado and check out the stores in Breckenridge.

My boyfriend wants to use this trip to learn to snowboard. I’m not sure that skiers and snowboarders are cut from the same cloth, but I want to support his interest in cold weather sports. So maybe we’ll both be snowboarding on Washington’s birthday. . . well, no promises!

I was surfing the web to see what kind of gear I’ll need for snowboarding if I decide to give it a try after I get my fill of skiing. Found a few cool Snowboards but haven’t made up my mind yet. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a note!

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