Hello from Breckenridge!

Hey – we made it!

Got to Denver around 12:30 and we all rounded up our luggage and gear pretty quick. It took about 2 hours on the bus to get to the resort, and by the time we got checked in and up to the condo it was about 4:00.

Most of us made a beeline for the slopes to get in about an hour of skiing before dark. Oh my gosh! It was perfect conditions and just enough of a work out to build an appetite. The club arranged for us all to have Italian tonight. We were supposed to met at Taddeo’s by 7:30 – some of them were still straggling in by 8:00, but we didn’t wait on them.

After dinner, Wendy and I got the resort shuttle to take us to the grocery store. We loaded up on breakfast things and snack stuff. Most lunches and dinners will be with the club – or with guys if we meet any!

We’re heading to bed in a little bit so we can get an early start in the morning. Here’s a picture of the Valdoro Resort – it’s fantastic!


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