Just in Time

Getting ready for the ski trip next weekend, I realized that I need a few things to take with us. As much as I hate the mall, we had to go. This shopping trip was on a tight budget, as I want to have some spending money when we get to Colorado.

At least I was smart enough to leave room on my credit cards. My boyfriend has been wanting to re-establish his credit and he applied for a couple of cards last week. Surprise – he was approved for a low limit card and it’s in the mail. He didn’t think he would be able to get one after his divorce.

I know what that’s like. My divorce left me with bad credit and no way to get a car. I was able to get a secured card and that helped get through some rough spots. But I had to borrow $500 from my mom to get a used car, and I drove that P.O.S. all winter without a working heater until I got back on my feet and scrimped and saved for enough down payment to get a better one.

What is it they say? You have to crawl before you can run?

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