Meanwhile, Back at the Office

Boy it was hard to get up this morning and come to work. My legs and back muscles are so sore from skiing, I wish I could have stayed home and soaked in the tub all morning. But I know there are meetings and reports due, so off I went.

Only missed Friday, as yesterday was a holiday. The inbox isn’t too full, thank goodness. But I was surprised to learn that our Controller has given notice. I talked with her in the breakroom while getting my coffee. Lucy confided that she had started looking for another position around Thanksgiving, thinking that it would take several months to find something better than here. The old rule of thumb still applies – allow 1 month of looking for every $10,000 in salary that you need.

But she had signed up with a recruiting firm that specializes in financial placements. The company she used has executive job placement and entry level positions. She found a great opportunity in less than two months and is really excited about her new position with a big healthcare company here in town. Lucky girl!

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