Planning an IFA Side Trip

Since I will be in Florida in a couple weeks for the IFA convention, I thought I might take a side trip and spend a day or two doing something fun to unwind. The convention is so overwhelming and meeting people all day and all night is exhausting. I’ll need some “me” time.

I love Florida, so I think I’ll stay there. My family used to take us to Disneyworld once or twice a year when my little brothers were young. I made every effort to take my own kids when they were young, too. It can be a great escape to a fantasy world and it is always fun, even for adults.

It’s been years since I was in Orlando. Obviously, I have to stay at the hotel with the rest of the company while at the convention, but I think I should find a totally different hotel if I want to get away. I found a site that helps with all kinds of travel arrangements. I was especially interested in their Disney World hotels listings. This site has discounts that I haven’t found anywhere else – and anyone who has been to Disney knows that saving a few dollars here and there is a big help.

I can make all the arrangements I need at this one site, which makes travel planning really easy. I saved the link in my bookmarks.

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