Sorry to See Edwards Go

Bummer – Edwards has dropped out of the race. I wish he had stuck it out through Super Tuesday. Wonder if it was his own decision or if something else was going on in the background?

Between Hillary and Obama – tough choice. I don’t respect Hillary for letting hubby run around on her. When she and the whole country found out, she should have kicked him to the curb. Would’t have cared if she managed to forgive him a couple months down the road, but to just put up with it, NO. And what kind of message does that send to our countries enemies? Screw me over, it’s OK.

Obama – doesn’t have the political experience to handle the oval office. You can hear his fumbling in his candid comments. He is too naive to be a good leader so soon. Wish he would be a VP first so he would have some international exposure. Just don’t think he can handle it. Plus I just heard he is standing up for illegals having the right to get a drivers license. Hold on, cowboy. Drivers Licenses are a STATE issue – non of the Fed’s business! And send the damn illegals back across the border. And while you are at it, lock up the money grubbers who are knowingly hiring the illegals. If there was no money to be had, they wouldn’t be coming here.

Peace out.

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