Surprise call from my son

Hardly ever talk live to my kids, we send IMs and text each other throughout the week. But today I got a surprise call from #1 son – he’s moving back to the East Coast! Says he is tired of the Vegas scene – and I don’t blame him. I’m about sick of Vegas, too, with all the conventions and meetings that I have to attend out there. I can’t imagine living there for 3 years like he has.

So, the driving force is a new club in Atlanta being opened by the same group running his club in Vegas. These guys are big time – they have properties in six states. It’s not just a promotion, but the chance to get out of Vegas and back to normal people. We are both glad about that. He has 2 -3 months to find a place and get moved. The new club is supposed to open in April.

To help with moving companies, I told him about a web site that can help with a variety of moving resources. He has to do it all by himself, so he can use whatever help he can find. Actually, if the timing is right, I might be able to fly out for a few days to help get the last of the packing done. I hate moving, and it’s even worse trying to do it by yourself. Worst case, we’ll drag his little brother out there to help, too.

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