Waiting for the Plane

At the airport we got through security pretty quickly, thank goodness. Everyone in the ski club looks as exhausted as I feel. Some of us are sore from too much skiing, but some of us – aka Wendy and friends! LOL – are tired from too much late night partying. The ones with obvious hangovers are sitting off in the corner trying to stay out of the bright sunlight streaming through the terminals windows and don’t feel much like talking.

But some of us are still pumped up and a little restless from all the adrenaline and caffeine. I dropped my duffle by Wendy for safekeeping and headed off to the coffee bar with some of the other ski club members. Sat next to a lady that I’ve known for years, Patty, and her new hubby. She’s the legal administrator for a mid sized law firm downtown – met her when I was doing the same thing for Blackburn’s firm and I joined the association.

One of the things I disliked about that job was being responsible for all the computers and equipment. Every morning I would walk up to my office door and find notes either taped to the door or slid underneath about one of the lawyers or their secretaries having a computer problem that needed immediate attention.  I had to run a daily backup of the whole system and do all kinds of network things, like adding new users, changing people’s passwords, moving systems to different desks, etc.

So Patty and I started talking about computer stuff and networks. She just went through adding a new group of lawyers and therefore computers to her system. I was surprised to learn that Cisco equipment is pretty much the standard around here for networking. They make routers, switches, and security products. We used Cisco equipment for our firewall and other security measures, and so does Patty. 

I told her how I had saved Blackburn some money by buying some of their used equipment. When I had to replace a router that went bad, I found what I needed online by searching for specials on used Cisco equipment. 

Their website is also good for things like power supplies, and even racks for mounting the hardware in the equipment closet. When my girlfriend Chris (at a different law firm) came in to work on a Monday and discovered the coffee maker had a broken water supply line that flooded their law offices over the weekend, she found out the hard way that leaving any equipment or files on the floor is a bad thing. Right after she called me to share that horrible experience I got right online and ordered racks for the two drives that were still sitting on the floor in my office!

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