Database Work

Today we are building a database with the leads from the IFA convention and getting ready to launch a followup campaign. We’ve been setting up the database program to get it ready for the data input. That’s what my assistants are working on today. Then, next week we turn it over to the sale team for the calls and hopefully setting up appointments.

Although telemarketing has become a bad word to a lot of people, it is still a very effective way to market business services and products. The key is to find the right targeted audience and not waste time or resources contacting people who have no use for your services or don’t have the means to pay for or utilize what you are trying to sell.

A good telemarketing company can help a business launch a one time campaign. They will have the trained staff that you don’t have to worry about hiring, finding desk space for, training and supervising. They should also be able to help a business find and cultivate a good list of leads for the calls.

Sometimes you can outsource other activities that require telemarketing but are not what most people think of when you mention the word telemarketing. For instance, if you have a list of people that you want to send Christmas cards or an invitation to a special event, or any other mass mailing, you don’t want to waste all that money on printing, handling, postage and mailing on recipients who have left the company, work for companies who have moved to a different address, or worse, companies who have gone out of business. It makes sense to to put a little effort and time into cleaning up your database list and verifying the names and contact information at least once a year before implementing a large mailing.

All of this is learned and used by marketing professionals and they can add a lot of value to a business, with a totally different but necessary approach to the sales process from what a hard core sales person can do for you. Telemarketing is still a viable business tool and has it’s place in any well planned and executed marketing program.

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