Driving the Old Neighborhood

With traffic on the interstate at a standstill, I had to take surface roads last night to get home. Following all the other locals who knew how to get around town, I ended up driving through the old neighborhood. When I first moved here I had rented a lovely apartment in a great location, at the Autumnwood Apartments.

I loved the pool and workout room – it was right across the parking lot from my front door. My apartment had a washer and dryer in a hall closet, two bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen, a private patio and a working fireplace. A nice apartment like that back in San Francisco would have cost at least $2,200 per month – if you can even find one available and located within an hour’s drive of where you have to work. And let me tell you, the long commutes are extremely expensive and stressful, which is a huge factor in the quality of life issues there.

But my little bit of Nashville heaven rented for just $500 per month. Can you imagine the delight in saving that much money every month just on housing?

As I drove by Autumnwood last night on my way to my new condo, I couldn’t help but look over at the apartments and I was very surprised to see that the complex has new owners and a new banner hung over the sign at the entrance with a new name. I wonder if the buyers brought anything good to the community or if they are going to just suck out all the money they can get from it and let the services and amenities slide? That would be a real shame.

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