Finding a Great Vacation Rental

The vendor I sat next to at dinner was telling me that he brought his wife and kids to Orlando for the week. They are out doing fun things while he has to work the convention, then he is going to stay an extra two days after the convention is over and do fun things with his family.

Instead of staying at the sold out and very expensive convention hotel, they had decided to look for vacation rentals and rent either a house or a condo. They used a website to find a great deal on a Florida vacation rental that is only 10 minutes from the convention center and about the same distance from Walt Disney World. So, it is convenient for everyone and much easier on the wallet – especially with two kids along.

I think I will take a look at the site to see if there is anything good for one more ski trip this year. If I can find a Lake Tahoe vacation rental, I would love to fly out to California for a week and grab up Shallen to go skiing. After all, she needs to get some use out of those ski pants that I gave her before leaving the East Bay last year.

One thought on “Finding a Great Vacation Rental

  1. Alfred Glossbrenner

    Hi, Selena,
    My wife and I focus on helping owners of second homes market their properties as vacation rentals. The leading sites for you to check are and the network of sites. If you can’t find a place you like there, it probably doesn’t exist, at least not on the VR market.

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