Florida Sunset

You may think I’m eccentric, but this evening I took a bottle of Lindeman’s Merlot, a wine glass and a corkscrew and drove down to the Venice beach, alone. I parked facing the Gulf of Mexico and walked down to the tide line, letting the waves lap at my toes. It was so nice and peaceful – almost no one else there just before dark.

I saw two dolphins jumping across the waves at a distance. They pop out of the water so effortlessly and then plunge right back in. I wonder if it is a game to them?

As the bottom of the sun touched the edge of the Gulf, I walked back up to the car and poured a glass of wine. Perched on the hood of the rental car, I stayed until the sun was completely below the horizon. It was so nice. This is exactly what I needed to refresh my mind and my soul.

Tomorrow morning I head to Ft. Myers for a last look around, then I have to head to the airport in Tampa for a late flight home. But I know I am coming back here.

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