Franchisee Health Care

Aimee, our People Services Director, has been covered up with her own projects for both the franchisees and also all the Corporate downsizing problems plus end of year tasks.

At least year’s convention, the franchisees were begging us for help with finding a small business oriented health plan. That is really hard to do country-wide, as health care companies and plans are regulated at the state level and there are huge differences in the plans and the rates between the different states.

Aimee announced tonight that she has gathered up some resources to help the U. S. franchisees with this issue, and has also found some resources for our franchisees in Canada. The health care system in Canada is totally different from what we have in the U. S, a more socialized system that I wish the U.S. could adopt. Also, the Canadians are able to purchase private health services plans (PHSP) to supplement the care provided by the government.

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