Game against Hurricanes ends with Tornadoes

Last night’s hockey game against the Carolina Hurricanes ended with one goal by J P Dumont and tornado warnings for downtown Nashville. All of us fans were advised of the warnings with a little over 1 minute left on the game clock, but they decided to play on and finish the game. I’m SOOOO glad they finished because we won in regulation with one goal and got two points in the standings. If they had stopped the game, they were going to call it a tie and give each team a point. The standings are SOOO close that the one point could have cost us the playoffs. So, congrats to the Preds for the win.

On the other hand, the officials – whoever THEY are – would not let anyone leave the building because it was not safe. There were cops at every exit door blocking the way. At first they brought out the band that played during the two breaks and had them play a rock song, but then they cut the band off and announced that everyone needed to move toward the evacuation area by section 103 and move into the underground tunnel. My cellphone went dead, as it always does during emergencies. Way to go, AT&T – you losers. 

I stood by the TV monitor at a closed snack stand and watched the emergency broadcast with the weather maps. The snacks stand lost out on a lot of business by closing early. There were 14,000 hungry and thirsty fans kept captive in the arena for a half hour and nothing to spend money on.

weather1 weather2 weather3

Thankfully we were all safe, the tornadoes jumped over downtown and did no damage, and about 30 minutes after the game we were allowed to leave.

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