More of the 100 Things

11. My favorite holiday is Easter. I love everything about it: the candy (especially jelly beans), coloring Easter eggs, a fancy new outfit for church, spring weather, a Honeybaked ham for the family dinner, pastel colors, finding an Easter basket in the morning, babies, everything!

12. I’ve never needed a passport, but now with all the new governemnt requirements I’m going to get one.

13. My grandmother taught me how to play cards. We would sit at the kitchen table in her farmhouse and play “Old Maid” and “Go Fish.”

14. My girlfrined’s older brother taught me how to play poker. We used model car parts for betting.

15. My first Hollywood crush was Clint Eastwood. I saw “For a Fistful of Dollars” and fell in love.

16. I was in the 5th grade when Kennedy was killed. Someone came to our classroom and told the teacher and burst into tears and ran from the room. They closed school early and sent everyone home to watch the TV broadcasts. We all sat in the living room without any lights on and watched the Magnavox until bed time and cried together.

17. My mother has a beautiful singing voice. I can’t sing a lick, but I love music.

18. My father was a musician. I remember seemingly endless days of band rehearsals in our living room and it all seemed so normal.

19. I’ve never plucked a chicken but I have plucked a duck or two and roasted it for dinner.

20. I love to garden, especially vegetables. Any summer I don’t have fresh grown tomatoes in the kitchen is a wasted year.

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