Morning Severe Weather Warnings

If you live in Tennessee you probably leave your TV on all night in case there are tornadoes and the TV will sound the warning siren to wake you up. I think the night time tornadoes are the deadliest because people are asleep and don’t know to take cover. I take them seriously, I’ve seen several over the years and I’ve seen the total destruction they can leave behind. If I hear the sirens I take cover.

So this morning as I’m getting dressed the weatherman breaks in and announces we are under a severe weather alert – but this alert is for an ice storm. All the counties north of Nashville were having freezing rain and ice. Northbound I-65 was basically shut down with gridlock from all the accidents up toward the Kentucky border.

Thankfully, I take I-65 Southbound and had no trouble getting to work. But I feel for all those poor people stuck on the other side of the road and the extremely long delays they faced in getting to their destinations this morning.

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