Moving from Las Vegas

My son called this morning and says that he has given notice to his landlord in Vegas and has 30 days to get packed and moved back to Atlanta.

I’m so excited about him coming back to the East Coast! I loved having him in Vegas when I was going there so much on business and we could get together for at least a dinner or sometimes a very late breakfast. . . .ah, Vegas. Great memories of the town that never sleeps!

Back in the day, you could get a huge T-Bone steak with Texas Toast and 3 fried eggs, hash browns and a glass of O.J. for $3.00 on the strip. A few months ago I was there on business and saw a similar breakfast advertised on a marquee for $15.99. Well, that may be cheap for a T-Bone at a steakhouse, but it is not cheap for a Vegas breakfast.

Where did all the bargains go?

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