My Birthday !

Ironic that I came home on my birthday and now I’m too tired to go out and celebrate. I had such a nice time in Florida – the relaxation was nice, but my mind is more rested than my body. Traveling is hard on a body – I can’t care how experienced a traveler you are – you are going to be tired after dealing with airports and airplanes all day.

Anyway, it is nice to be home and I bought a small cake at Publix so I can blow out the candles before setting off the smoke alarm and have a fun but quiet evening with a movie and a nice glass of wine.


3 thoughts on “My Birthday !

  1. wendy

    Hi Selena, I like your site but it is a real task trying to read your script – grey on black is very hard to distinguish and bit hard on the eye.
    Other than that…keep goin’ with the good stuff girl!!

    Can you take a look at my site and tell me what you think?…I’m always open to constructive opinion.


  2. Linda B

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday! I’m glad you got a cake! No one bothers to get me a cake on my birthday!

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