My Sprint Cellphone

Since the cellphone plan for our company phones was for 2 years, the contracts all expired this month. We used the expiration as a good opportunity to trade in our old phones and get new models. The Office Manager brought me my phone yesterday, right before I left work.

Since it is a new phone, I had to charge it up on the battery charger for 8 hours. What stinks is that once I accepted the new phone I had to turn in my old phone. So I’ve been without a cell phone all day. I just now got it fully charged and have been messing around with the settings to set up the ringtones and add all the phone numbers to the address book.

I never worried much about ringtones before, but since everyone in the office has a Sprint phone just like mine, when one rings everyone without a custom ringtone has no idea whose phone is actually ringing!

I needed to find some information on Sprint ringtones and instructions on how to install them. The website, has some good information in a series of essays about Sprint phones. It has step by step instructions on how to download and install the latest Sprint music rintones and also how to make your own ringtones from any music that you purchase from iTunes. I think that is what I’m going to do with this new phone.

The website has other information, such as how much a used Sprint phone is worth, so if you need any information on Sprint cell phones, give this site a look.

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