Ordering for the Annual Convention

Getting ready for our company’s annual convention for our franchisees has everyone scheduling meetings and ordering things this week. We had a great turnout last year, and are expecting an even bigger turnout this year, as word is spread among the franchisees about their experiences and their perceived value of attending.

My group will be handing out packets of information with spreadsheets, charts, and lots of forms for each attendee. We’ve decided to keep it green and not make thousands of paper copies. Paper is heavy and expensive to ship, no one wants to lug heavy binders around the convention all day, and there is always the chance of not having enough or having too many, which is wasteful. So we’re putting it all into PDF’s and PowerPoint slideshows and making custom DVDs to hand out. The franchisee can print what he needs after he gets back to his own store.

A few years ago I had to find a company to handle CD Replicationand chose a company in Southern California to handle it, VE Associates. They gave me a good price and they did a good job with the CDs. Of course, you don’t need to live there to take advantage of their services.

Now that everyone has a DVD drive, it doesn’t make sense to do this project on CDs. The same company has a great DVD Replication service, and I’ll give them first shot at a bid on our convention job.

Large run DVD Replication can be a real cost savings, so I need to know the exact quantity for the convention and maybe add some extra in for the new franchisees who come on board later in the year. We’ll be having a planning meeting tomorrow with the Operations group and I’ll have a better estimate of the planned attendance for my DVD order.

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