Philadelphia Confession

Maybe it was reading the Post Secrets blog last night and then getting the call from Chris that brought this out. I can’t think about Philadelphia without remembering a little secret adventure there when I was 17 – obviously a very long time ago! So here is a little confession.

At 17, I was pretty independent, working part time after school and earning my own money, and although my parents were very strict, I was engaged that Christmas and enjoyed a lot more freedom once my parents didn’t have to monitor all my dating activities anymore. They liked my fiance and were glad that I was going to get married and not cost them any more money living there or going to college. And I couldn’t wait to get out of school and out of the house.

Well, right around my 18th birthday, my fiance and I wanted to do something fun and I came up with the bright idea of going to Philadelphia for the day. Well, there was no way my parents would approve of an unescorted trip to Philly, and I was afraid to take my Dad’s car that far without his permission, probably a 4 – 5 hour drive each way. So I found out that we could get a ticket on Eastern Airlines and fly out of Dulles to Philly for only $25 round trip. See – this WAS a very long time ago!

So we drove out to Dulles and got ourselves on a plane and set out for Philadelphia. What a lark – the whole day was going to be our private little adventure! We took a bus from the airport to downtown, but dammit – it was raining and still winter cold in Philly. We had planned on walking around and seeing the sights for the day, but the rain ruined those plans. We had 6 hours to find something to do, so we found a movie theatre that was showing the premiere of a really cool new movie, “Love Story.” So we bought tickets and watched the movie, holding hands and necking in the back row of the theatre. Then we got a couple of sandwiches from a deli, and caught a bus back to the airport and flew home.

Later that night when my parents asked what we had done that day, we truthfully told them that we had gone to the movies. But until now, I’ve never told anyone that the movie was in a Philadelphia movie theatre.


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