Last night my girlfriend Chris was telling me about the new law firm she’s working for in Philly. They are Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers and Chris works for one of the partners plus one associate. They keep her busy because the law firm is very good and they stay busy – especially in the winter with all the bad weather and treacherous roads in Pennsylvania. They have a lot of clients who were hurt in a wreck and need a good lawyer to fight not only with the other people involved in the wreck but also to fight the insurance companies. Success in court and in out of court settlements is the best measure of a good lawyer and these guys have a great reputation. So she’s done well!

Since my ex worked in the insurance industry, let me tell you – your insurance company is NOT on your side. They are on their OWN side and the insurance companies are all about making money and keeping their money in the hands of the top executives of the insurance company. They are NOT going to help you unless you get a good lawyer to fight for all your rights.

So after my little rant about insurance companies . . . lol . . . I’m glad to hear Chris landed on her feet and found the Master & Weinstein firm. Their offices are on Market Street, so she is right downtown with all the goodies that downtown Philly has to offer. Some great places to eat lunch downtown, and they have that great new upscale mall, all within walking distance from her office.

The Master & Weinstein firm also does medical malpractice work and has a branch office in New Jersey, so I bet she has a secure job working for the partner, and maybe even some advancement potential if she wants to take on paralegal work.

The best way to learn about medical malpractice work is to be a nurse first and find a law firm willing to train you on the legal stuff. The paralegal classes can help, but the nursing background is more important. Chris has 2 years of college working toward her nursing degree when she fell in love and got married and quit school. Gosh we do some stupid things when we are young, don’t we? I know she regrets that now – both for marrying that loser Donald and for quitting school when she only had 2 years left. But then again, things have worked out for her in the long run and she sounds happy to be with her new guy. I guess we all have to find our own roads, with whatever twists and turns and hills and valleys they hold for us.

I love Philadelphia and now I have another good reason to stop by and play tourist again.

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