The Search for Apartments

When I moved here from San Francisco, I didn’t have much time to look for someplace to live. I started my new job here with only two weeks to give notice back in the Bay area, pack and move, and get started with the new company.

I found tenants for my condo back in Fremont really quickly. It didn’t make sense to try to sell it under the circumstances, and I’ve not regretted that decision. My tenants are good people, they pay the rent on time every month, they love my condo and they seem to be taking care of it. So no complaints there.

When I got to Nashville, I had to scramble to find someplace to live. At first I stayed in a hotel suite near the office, so I could get to know the area, but that gets expensive real quick and it ate up my relocation allowance really fast. So I used the internet to help search for Nashville Apartments.

The Apartment Finder website is really easy to use, and has photos and virtual tours of all the different properties, maps, and all the details you need to set up a showing or put in an application. I really liked the little icons that indicated whether an apartment complex was pet friendly or not, and whether the apratment had a washer and dryer in the unit. I personally don’t like to use the shared or community laundry rooms – I’m willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and safety of having a washer and dryer inside my apartment.

My son has had it easy with his moves so far and has never used an Apartment Locator like this, but it worked for me, and with his upcoming move I’m going to send him the link and try to help get him settled into a nice new home by the first of April!

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