Today’s Horoscope

Giving this once more chance but with a critical eye, here is my horoscope for today with both the Aquarius forecast and the Pisces prediction. At the end of the day I will look back at these and see if either one had any relevance to what really happened.

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Aquarius January 20 – February 18

For Wednesday, February 27 –You’ve been trying to ignore it because you’ve been so busy dealing with the more frivolous aspects of life, but today your need to feel socially useful will finally overpower your other urges. Don’t worry — getting involved doesn’t have to turn your entire life on its ear. All you need to do is devote one or two hours a week toward helping out a cause you believe in. And you don’t even have to formally join anything. How about just picking up the trash you see in your neighborhood?

Pisces February 19 – March 20

For Wednesday, February 27 –Despite the less-than-cheerful attitude of one of your more uptight friends, you are going to have an awful lot of fun with them today. They are going through a bit of an emotional upheaval that is putting a sour puss on their face, but after a few minutes with you that frown will turn upside-down! Your sense of humor is likely to be the most effective tool toward lighting up a tiny spark in their eye, so encourage their laughter to keep on flowing.

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