Watching the Super Bowl in London

My friend, Cabby, was chatting with me a little bit ago and telling me that the Super Bowl will be on satellite in London, so he and a bunch of guys from work are going to get together and watch it at their local pub. It is going to be hard for these guys to get up Monday morning and drag themselves to work since it will be on so late over there.

Cabby’s son, Stefan, will be graduating from college this spring, so Cabby wants to give Stefan a car as a graduation present. We both agreed that a nice used car will give him “more bang” for the buck . . well, for the pound. He’s been looking at a nice website about cars to get an idea of the price range and what used cars are in the market.

The website, is more comprehensive than just a listing of used cars for sale. You can list your own car for sale using their site, and can shop for car insurance, car loans, and run a car data check. That’s a lot of information available and they even have a blog about cars. 

I told him that when I come over to England later this year and move into his new apartment, he can help me sell my car on this site and he can drive me everywhere I need to go. After all, he IS a Cabby. I’m not real happy about driving on the other side of the road and trying to find my way around a new city. That was one of the most stressful parts of living in San Francisco – the traffic and trying to find my way. I’m sure driving in London has to be as bad – or worse! I lived in San Fran for 6 months without a car – I think I can live in London without one, too – especially with a dear friend running a cab company! 😉

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