Wooo hoo! An E-Z $800

Had a feeling this would be a lucky night. But I DO know when to quit. Went down to Jai Alai with our Marketing Director and his wife. Kinda felt like a 3rd wheel, but it was fun anyway. I’d met Kirk’s wife last year at the picnic – she’s very nice and she loves Tennessee now. She was one of those southern California snobs that thinks everyone in Tennessee drive an old red muscle car with the Dixie flag on the roof, like in the Dukes of Hazard. Until she got here. Charla – if you are reading this – no offense, but you know its true!

So we were an unlikely trio and neither one of them had been to Jai Alai before, and it has been so long since I was there, I’ve forgotten most of it. But we sat next to a couple of older gentlemen that didn’t mind explaining the betting. I’m not much of a player, but I like to have a little fun with the money once in a while.

My first game, won $60. That was easy! Next game, won $60. Then Charla matched me with her bets and we both won. Two hours later, I’ve got an extra $800 in my hands! Zooowie!

But like I said, I know when to quit. It would have been tragic to stay and loose it all back. Both Kirk and I have a big day tomorrow anyway, so we headed out. This was a good day for Selena!

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