Yesterday was a grand day

We started out at a prayer meeting, lead by Jim. The meeting was by invitation only, and the room was packed – not an empty seat. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with Jim being the speaker. He has a lot of fans at the IFA – deservedly so. His topic was “Faith in the Workplace that Works.” There were a lot of us there that could back up what he was saying.

The breakout sessions were great. There was a wine and cheese at the end of the day. A group of us from the company and two of our vendors decided to go out for dinner at a very nice Japanese steakhouse. We carpooled, and I’m glad I didn’t hav eto drive because I don’t know the roads in Orlando well at all.

The restaurant was packed, but we were shown to our own room very quickly and they didn’t fuss about us staying a long time. The chef was awesome – quite a showman! We ate a lot of great food and tipped generously.

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