A Quiet Easter

Where’s Waldo? Or Selena, for that matter?

This was an entry in the Washington Post Second Annual Easter Peeps contest. I loved it!

peeping waldo

Afraid I have to admit that I didn’t attend an Easter service this year. I didn’t want to go alone to a church in a foreign city, and Lydia had made plans to be out and about for the day. Cabby had plans with his mother and family, and I didn’t want to impose. So I had the day to myself.

I took a nice long walk about the city. I took along a little street map, but actually only used it once, to make sure I was headed back in the right direction. I had lunch at a little deli/sandwich shop and as a tribute to the holiday I had a ham sandwich. I figured I would have a nice dinner later, but never got all that hungry.

I’m tired of being away from home and as much as I love this city, I just don’t have any enthusiasm for being a tourist. Travel is stressful, no matter how much you do or where you go, and there’s no place like home.

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