American Airlines Under the Microscope

The last couple of weeks the news has been ful of stories about how Southwest Airlines has skirted some safety issues and it launched a series of denials and then allegations of bribery a and cover up and yet with all the bruhaha there have not been any accidents or mishaps with the southwest airplanes.

Well today, the fingerpointing was directed toward American Airlines. American Airlines had canceled 300 flights nationwide, including 67 flights at O’Hare International Airport, due to the grounding of its MD-80 fleet.

About two-thirds of American’s MD-80 fleet was temporarily grounded because questions had arisen “concerning how a certain bundle of wires” had been secured to the aircraft, said the airline spokesperson.

They have inconvenienced thousands of people by leaving them stranded at airports  for as much as an extra day in certain major cities were alternate flights were not available. There must be something seriously wrong for them to do this knee-jerk reaction. Let’s hope they solve this problem today and everyone can get back to normal by morning.

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