And Then There’s Arizona

Speaking of travel plans, I need to find a little window in my calendar for a quick trip out to Arizona. My girlfriend, Alara, who works at the franchise spa company has invited me to a Diamondbacks game and I would love to take her up on it. I love baseball and I’ve cheered for the Diamondbacks since the 1980’s.

Alara says that there are some great games during spring training, too, which I hadn’t thought of that. For some reason, every time I think of spring training, I think of Florida. But she is right, Arizona is a big hub for spring training, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to rent a nice house in the Phoenix area for a week during spring training and just go out there for the week? I have the perfect source for rental houses and any other kind of real estate in Scottsdale Arizona.

Thanks to Alara, I could rent a house and invite a couple more girlfriends out for the week and have a great all girls retreat, with baseball games, free spa treatments via Alara, a couple rounds of golf, and maybe even a hot air balloon ride.

We’ll have to start planning that for next year and make it happen!

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