Business Ideas

Over the years I’ve had so many good business ideas and have never had the right people to come on board with me or haven’t had the money for a start up. It’s frustrating!

Now my son in Alabama wants to go out on his own in construction. I admit, that part of Alabama is undergoing a building boom even with the rest of the country having problems getting mortgages and new homes starts are dropping like a rock. But in the Huntsville area, the Government is undergoing a massive Base Realignment and moving thousands of people to Huntsville over the next 2 years. All those people need an office to work from and a home to live in. So maybe my son should strike while the iron is hot.

I told him to check out a website that offers unsecured financing to small businesses called, EZ Thankfully, he won’t need a lot of money to get started but there is no point running up your personal credit cards and spending all your savings if you can get Business Loans for the money you need. You can fill out an online application at EZ Unsecured and find out quickly if you’ve been approved. If you have good credit you can get an undocumented unsecured loan for up to $350,000 at 6%. You probably can’t find a conventional bank that will do that for a new business.

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