Busy Day Packing

Today my son had to go into work and left me at the apartment to get a start on the packing. I decided to tackle the kitchen, leaving out only some very basics for breakfast – especially the coffee. We will eat up whatever we can from the fridge, but surprisingly there isn’t much in there anyway. Since he has know about the upcoming move for over a month, he just quit going to the grocery store and has been eating up everything already stocked.

Last time I moved it took two full days to pack my kitchen and clean it thoroughly. But I was just moving across town to my condo, so moving food to the new refrigerator and freezer was not an issue. With my son moving all the way to Atlanta, it just doesn’t make sense to pack and transport a lot of perishables. So, I got most of packed today and tackled the hall closets, too.

We still have three days to finish up, so this was a very good start.

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