Cabby and Steph

Both Cabby and Steph were online tonight playing spades and they were so happy to see me! Cabby keep telling me how happy they were to have finally met me and that they were really looking forward to my next visit. I would love to go back to London any time, but I’m not sure I’ll have a business trip that puts me back in the U.K. until later this summer.

I have a big convention coming up in May – the ICSC in Vegas. And I have to go back to New York to check on that project at least once a month, probably for the next 18 months. The project manager sent me an email this morning asking when is my next trip to NYC. But I sure would like to have a good reason to go back to London soon. We just didn’t find any promising properties on the first trip, so my fate is in the hands of our broker, I guess.

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