Checking into a New Car

Talked with Cabby last night about our trip to London next week. We are so excited! This will be our first face to face meeting, and we’ve known each other for over 3 years!

When I told Cabby that Lydia and I will need to either rent a car or take a cab during our stay, he suggested we just take a cab and if he’s available we will be his priority fares each day. Since we will be going all over the area looking at real estate, the local real estate agent will be driving us to the property showings and we won’t need a car for much of the daytime things. We will probably just need transportation to where we eat dinner and if we have the chance to go shopping for a bit.

When we get our schedule in order, I was hoping to look for a new company car while there. Cabby was surprised that the company was willing to buy a car already, but it makes perfect sense to keep a vehicle there for any of us to use while in London. He promised to introduce me to a car dealer that he knows, and suggested I look into setting up the financing ahead of time. So I checked out a website for car loans in the U.K. called Netcars and see that there is a toll free number to apply for car credit or ask questions. That will speed things up for me and make it easy.

What I liked about this company is that once you are approved, it is a guaranteed car finance, which means that you can shop at any dealership in the U.K., not just a certain group that works with that finance company.

Cabby says that his son, Steph, was able to get the money to buy his new car this way, even though Steph had a little problem with some credit card debts. The Netcars company has loans for people who have been refused car credit, with an acceptance rate of 90%.

They have loans for new cars and used cars, and although I was originally thinking about limiting the search to a nice, used car, the company might be better off with a new model for the better gas mileage. I wonder if hybrids are even available in the U.K.? I’ll have to ask Cabby tonight when he calls.

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