Corporate Manslaughter Act

I cannot wait to share this information with my youngest son. He has had an interest in this type of legislation for the United State, but has been unable to find a legislator willing to back the bill, mainly because the congressmen and senators want the money from the big companies. One more example of the big business run congress and senate that Bush has been so blatantly running. Yes sir, we have the best government that money can buy!

At least in the U.K., cooler heads have prevailed. They already had a law on the books about corporate manslaughter, but serious defects in the original law arose, such as the original law’s requirement that an individual had to be the “directing mind” of the organization to be held accountable.

The new Corporate Manslaughter Act does not require an individual to be pinpointed. The entire organization can be held accountable if they practice or allow gross negligence. This is a huge step forward and the shady business practices of many large organizations will have to stop. This is a good thing for the average worker and also the average citizens of the U.K.

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